JR & Ivy Lee

JR joined the family at Real Country 96.9 WSIG in February 2012.  He got his start in radio in 1989 in Clarksville, Tennessee, where he went to high school and college. In his spare time, he enjoys sight-seeing, coming up with ridiculous puns, and spending time with his growing family.  He rarely watches movies, much to the chagrin of those around him.  JR and his wife Tawnya got married on the playground in 3rd grade… then again “for real” 30 years later. They welcomed little Jonah in August 2012–joining daughter KateLynne and sons Chase, Cody, Ryan and Sean Hunter. JR’s favorite colors are purple and black (thanks for asking), and he wears a size 10.5 shoe.  Send him an e-mail anytime at!

Ivy Lee crawled out from underneath a large lichen covered rock in Southwest Oklahoma—hitchhiked halfway across the country, carrying a towel and not much else, to be kicked out on I-81 in Southwest Virginia—where she landed her first full-time radio job back in 1996.  Almost 20 years later, here she is at Real Country WSIG—with a large cup of some sort of sloshy liquid in one hand and a book of her mug shots in the other, ready to take on the mornings in all of her redneck glory.  As for family she claims three adult children Colin, Gared, and Taylor, and one who only thinks he’s an adult, Lucas.  Ivy Lee claims THEM, but that’s not to say they would claim HER.  She also keeps siblings, Vanessa and Megan, two sorta sisters Kristen and Kara, also known as “The Twins,” and her “little” brother Jason on speed dial to bail her out of whatever trouble she gets herself into, as well as two therapists, a divorce lawyer, and the ABC store.  Ivy Lee is not receiving e-mails at this time, pending review of an account suspension from the International Bureau of Such Things.



Dusty Rhodes joined the WSIG team in August 2012.  He hosts the Dusty’s Diner request show from noon-1pm, and keeps the Shenandoah Valley entertained with Real Country and his own special brand of humor every weekday from 10am-3pm.

Bill 212x344


Bill joined the Real Country 96.9 WSIG family in April of 2013 after spending nearly twenty years at its now-sister station WSVA.  Though he still looks like a young pup (yeah, right), Bill’s been doing radio or TV since 1971.  Having grown up in Atlanta before his professional life, Bill is a rabid Braves, Falcons, and University of Georgia fan, but does cheer for the Nats, Redskins, UVA, Virginia Tech, JMU, and Bridgewater College as well.   Bill has eclectic musical tastes, running the gamut from George Strait to Barry Manilow to Bon Jovi to Barbra Streisand to Patty Loveless; about the only kinds of music he can’t handle are opera and punk-gospel. Bill and his wife Paula have four children, five grandchildren, and two loving cats.  Bill is thrilled to be with the Real Country family and looks forward to entertaining our listeners for many years!  Email Bill anytime at!



Les Irby’s Bluegrass Saturday Night is a true original and by far the most popular specialty music program in the Valley,  A Shenandoah County native, Les has lived many places but his heart has always been in the Valley.  The Bluegrass bug was planted early when as a kid Les enjoyed watching Reno and Smiley on television. It also helped that the woman who babysat him loved Bluegrass and listened to it constantly.  But his love of Bluegrass really came in the seventies when he attended Bluegrass festivals for the party, but learned to appreciate the music. This is where the things he respects most about the music came into focus: the music’s history, honesty, and real emotions.  Les has hosted Bluegrass Saturday Night on WSIG for over 15 years. You can listen to Bluegrass Saturday Night on WSIG Saturdays 7pm-midnight.  You can also catch Les Irby overnights from 12am-6am and during Country Sunday from 8:30am-noon.

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Fritz came to Staunton in 2006 from Wilmington,Delaware. He has been in and around radio and television since 1973. He’s worked at radio stations in Wilmington as well as Chester, PA and Philadelphia, PA. Fritz spent twenty years at a production company as a cameraman/editor. He and his wife Peggy have been professional musicians since 1985.  Fritz and Peggy share a house in Staunton with two cats, Lucy and Jeanette.  Music is a major part of Fritz’s being and his tastes are wide and varied.

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